Friday, August 1, 2008

Hi guys....
This is my first blog. I just learning to make this blog...
I still don't know what to do with this blog but in my mind i will make this blog interesting as can be...
I'm a DJ from Indonesia under Xspinn Management.
May be at first i will posting my latest mixtape on July 2008
here is the track..
1. Semaus Haji - Take Me Away (Dub)
2. Mark Knight - From The Speaker (Original Mix)
3. Deadmau5 - 1981 (Adam K)
4. David Guetta - Tomorrow Can Wait (Sharam)
5. Chris Kaeser - The Week End (Dootage)
6. Laurent Wolf - No Stress (Ortega & Gold)
7. Guru Josh Project - Infinity (Jerome Isma-ae)
8. Chocolate Puma - Sexy Girl (Funkerman)
9. Debbie Tebbs - Plastic Planet (Joy kitikonti)
10. HtwoO Platimun - Whats It Gonna Be (Thomas Gold)
11. Delinquent - My Destiny (Delio D'Cruz)
12. RIO - Shine On


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