Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bye Guys!!!! Miss You so Much!!!

Hi guys...i'm still alive...but i cannot post any thing right now..coz my internet at my home is off....i'm working at this office now... so i cannot post any more song now like before....sorry guys...maybe someday i will make this blog alive again...someday....thx guys for your means alot to me...sorry if i dissapointed you guys....keep dancing & House Music RuleSSS!!!!! bye guys...!!!

Best Regards : ROY XSPINN

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wippenberg - Chakalaka New Entry!!!! HOT RELEASE!!!

I've been looking for this track so badly!!! Finally i got it!!! Here you go guys!!!



Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good Tune!!

Today i found some good tune for you!!
All 23 Track!! Check it out!!

Dave Aude ft Sisely Treasure - Grass Is Greener (Jody Den Broeder Club)
Modular 7 - Always Around (Pri Yon Joni Phantom Extended)
Jon O'Bir ft Emi - Do It All Again (Duderstadt Progressive)
Genetik & Gio Martinez - Pixel (Oliver Twizt's Minijack)
Genetik & Gio Martinez - Pixel (Bingo Players Dead Pixel)
Laidback Luke & Tom Stephan ft Romanthony - Show (Nari & Milani)
Lennie De Ice - We Are IE (Hijack)
Liam Vizzle - That Banana Track (Hijack)
Luciano Esse & Toni D - Instabul (Format B)
MastikSoul - Calanga (Mastiksoul)
MastikSoul - Calanga (Peter Gelderblom & Muzikjunki)
MastikSoul - Calanga (Saeed Younan)
MastikSoul - Calanga (Nick & Danny Chatelain)

Dirty Laundry - Disco Infected (Paul Zala)
Sidney Samson ft Lady Bee - I Love It (I Love Lady Bee)
Sidney Samson ft Lady Bee - I Love It (Sidney Samson & Ilker Akay)
Sidney Samson ft Lady Bee - Shut Up and Let it Go (Original Mix)
Stupid Fresh ft Stellar MC - Get the Fuck Up (Bass Kleph)
Stupid Fresh ft Stellar MC - Get the Fuck Up (Malente)
Kenny Dope Presents the Bucketheads - The Bomb (John Mazella)
Bryan Dalton & Dan-e ft Mitch Crown - B With U (Firebeatz) pass: technorocker
Bryan Dalton & Dan-e ft Mitch Crown - B With U (Nicky Romero)
Bryan Dalton & Dan-e ft Mitch Crown - B With U (Daniel Beasley Chunky) pass: technorocker

Suck it!!


Hi guys!! I have hot release "Happiness" Check it out!!

Luke Chable & Tv Rock - Happiness (Original Mix)
Luke Chable & Tv Rock - Happiness (TV Rock Club)
Luke Chable & Tv Rock - Happiness (Nari Milani)
Luke Chable & Tv Rock - Happiness (Eddie Thoneick)
Luke Chable & Tv Rock - Happiness (Luke Chable Extended)

And Other Track
Luca & Paul - Dinamicro (Karotte By Gregor Tresher)
Mauro Picotto - Komodo (Olaf Van Crazy Electo)
Benny Benassi ft Channing - Come Fly Away
Benny Benassi ft Channing - Come Fly Away (Maurizio Gubellini)
Felix da Housecat & Diddy - Jack U (Original Mix)
Felix da Housecat & Diddy - Jack U (Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso)
Felix da Housecat and Diddy - Jack U (JKF MSTRKRFT Edit)
Karanyi & Judie Jay - Libido (Dave Ramone & Thomas Gold)
Aantonyo & Flame Makers - That Thang
Schmoove & Miquell Angello - Need Sex (Original Mix)
DJ Antoine - Where Is The Party (Jean Extended) thx Dimitri!
2-4 Grooves - Writing On The Wall (Mondo)
Matt Nordstrom - Lucky Drawls (Mark Broom's No Rave Stab)
Fergie - Blackeye-P (Original Mix)
Radio Slave - Bell Clap Dance (Slam Paragraph)
Daniel Portman - Battle Scars (Dirty Disorder)
King Unique - Dirty (Fergie)
Josh Wink - Stay Out All Night (HCCR's Deep In Jersey)
Tiger Stripes - Midnight Monkeys (Original Mix)
Super Flu - Sunset Handjob (Roland M. Dill)
Fred Falke - Sanctuary
Eric Morillo - Jazz It Up (Ian Carey)
Dinka - Meaningful Story (Jaytech)
Robin S-Show Me Love 2008 (Peter Gelderblom)


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Deadmau5 - Clockwork New Release!!

Here New Track from Deadmau5!! HOT!!

Deadmau5 - Clockwork (Jonas Steur Ultra Violence)
Deadmau5 - Clockwork (Original Mix)


Try to have some Money!!

Hi guys!!
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Cheers Guys!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Roy Xspinn Mixtape August 08

Guys this is my new mixtape, it's kinda ILEKTROOO.... hope you like it... :)
Give comment if you please... there's 14 electro track

1. Micha Moor - Close Your Eyes
2. REM - Loosing My Religion (TG Mix)
3. Axwell & Bob Sinclar - What A Wonderfull World (Dubruck & Klein)
4. Filo & Perry - Anthem (Thomas Gold Dub)
5. D Ramirez - Colombian Soul (Electro Remix)
6. Jorge Montia - Is Like That
7. Steve Angello - Be (Micha Moor)
8. Romy & Didi the dub wave - The Crookd
9. Dave Darell - Children
10. Cascada - One More Night (Electromasterz)
11. Nick Terranova - Break Away (Klaas)
12. Erick E - Wanna Go Again
13. EDX - Premiumline
14. David West - Hello Piano

Played @ local radio KISI FM 93.4 program
on August 8, 2008


Cheers :)

Friday, August 8, 2008


Hi all,

this is a Mixtape from my friends in UK

DJ JAMIE MCHUGH (green room artist)


Soon i will upload release track from him for you to play in your club....

Enjoy :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Found New Track

Hi guys...i found new track release at
Enjoy !!!

Chris Meehan - Once Upon A Time (Out West) (Progresive House)
1. Chris Meehan - Once Upon A Time (Out West) (Original Mix) (8.09)
2. Chris Meehan - The First Time (Original Mix) (7:24)
Download release date : July 22, 2008
pass : mmarta

Ozgur Can - My Disco Preset (Tech House)
1. Ozgur Can - Smoothie (Original Mix) (7:03)
2. Ozgur Can - Smoothie (Kristoffer Zaar) (6:59)
3. Ozgur Can - Smoothie (Groove Garcia) (7:00)
Download release date : July 14, 2008

I like Smoothie (Groove Garcia Remix)

And this one is Electro House but it's kinda old track but goodies... :)
1. Ben Delay - Sex With A Stranger (Original Mix) (6:39)
2. Ben Delay - Sex With A Stranger (Dub Mix) (6:30)
3. Ben Delay - Different (6:34)
Download release date : October 29, 2007

Cheers :)


Guys this is my friends Chris M track please check em up... UNRELEASE!!!

Chris.M. Reworks - The Fake Visual (Promo mix)
Chris.M. Reworks - The Morning Sun (Original)
Chris.M. Reworks - Oblivia (Original)

enjoy :)
Hi guys....
This is my first blog. I just learning to make this blog...
I still don't know what to do with this blog but in my mind i will make this blog interesting as can be...
I'm a DJ from Indonesia under Xspinn Management.
May be at first i will posting my latest mixtape on July 2008
here is the track..
1. Semaus Haji - Take Me Away (Dub)
2. Mark Knight - From The Speaker (Original Mix)
3. Deadmau5 - 1981 (Adam K)
4. David Guetta - Tomorrow Can Wait (Sharam)
5. Chris Kaeser - The Week End (Dootage)
6. Laurent Wolf - No Stress (Ortega & Gold)
7. Guru Josh Project - Infinity (Jerome Isma-ae)
8. Chocolate Puma - Sexy Girl (Funkerman)
9. Debbie Tebbs - Plastic Planet (Joy kitikonti)
10. HtwoO Platimun - Whats It Gonna Be (Thomas Gold)
11. Delinquent - My Destiny (Delio D'Cruz)
12. RIO - Shine On